Pushing my limit

Saturday’s RUN: 8 miles, 1:13:20 (9:09 pace)

The first 5.5 miles were difficult, but I was hanging in there with 8:30ish minute miles.  I started hitting hills and really struggled, pulling a 10:30 minute mile.  I can’t even remember the last time I ran a mile that slow.  I finished the last mile in 9:15, but felt like I was really pushing to get that.

I’m surprised that I’ve been struggling with the hills so much, recently.  I think it’s because I’ve been focusing so much on my pace.  Before, if I came to a difficult hill it didn’t matter how slow I ran it.  I was also really psyching myself out.  It’s amazing how mental running can be, and I was not helping myself out on this run.

I’ll continue working on hills and my pace!  I’ll probably try to run similar milage for the next two weeks.


About stopdropandrun

After running my first marathon in March, I have I realized I can now call myself a runner! The mantra Stop, Drop, and Run reminds me that when in doubt, just keep running! I hope to someday qualify for, and run the Boston marathon. Until then, I'll keep working hard and setting new goals!
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